Driving, Singing, Thinking, Writing

I apologize if this title made you start singing Jack Johnson, though that’s exactly how I wrote it. I’ve come to love those moments of silliness when I sing-song my way through a really normal &/or boring activity. (“Just keep swimming” is my go-to.) My days are spent in an endless cycle of those 4 activities & more often than not I’m singing a little jingle in my head. Recently, I heard an old country blues song on our local public radio station that struck just the right chord with me…“Baby you got too many drivers / Lord when you ain’t got but just one wheel.” I just love this! For one, when simple lyrics describe a complicated issue my spaz-brain rejoices, and I’m always happy if I can sing along in my raspy, lower-than-most-girls’ voice.

More seriously though, this simple phrase resonated with my particular journey. When I listen to/abide by every driving force in my life, I swerve around constantly without an ounce of meaningful satisfaction. It’s like, yes I can juggle, but I really wanted to be a trapeze artist. Also, when I chase after too many things at once, both material and personal, then I am setting myself up for burn out. Learning to say no to these other drivers is more about saying yes to the right ones. 

So inevitably we wonder, how do we know the right ones? The jury is out and the answer is = within. Taking time for introspection is one of those fool-proof-money-back-guarantee deals we love so much. There’s a definite pay off to doing what you can, for yourself, to start looking within in a way that fits your personality, schedule, & purpose. I recently watched a documentary on Netflix, “InnSaei”, which explores the concept and power of intuition. It instantly spoke to my struggle with finding my purpose and my tendency to let too many things drive my actions. When we allow external forces to distract our time and priorities, we start to disconnect from our “self”. Slowly but surely, without recognition of our innermost needs, we can feel numb even amidst success. Sounds bad enough, and there’s (always) a bigger reason for why this sucks so bad.

So we are burnt out, with too many drivers fighting over our one wheel, and we aren’t connected with our intuition to hear it asking for acknowledgment and pursuit of true purpose in life. That’s the nagging feeling plaguing us in our quiet moments. I believe purpose is the foundation of human life, because I’ve felt the raw devastation of its absence. Because I’ve sat in the darkness, I know even better when I’m feeling the glow. When I act on the desire to journey with purpose to a life of mastery and fulfillment, there is a noticeable shift in energy both within and around me. It is truly exciting to experience, but I am far from getting to this point every day. Old habits die hard, but as the saying goes…”If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” So let’s ditch that comfort zone & explore the unknown within & around us.

This is actually the Number One Rule as described in the doc, InnSaei: Explore the Unknown. It also highlights the integral role of nature in a person’s journey to finding and following their intuition. While this might sound a little “out there”, I think we can all agree that spending time in nature has a knack for renewing our spirit. If we truly want that thing called happiness, we’ve got to realize the power of our intuition and start putting that power to work in our own lives. So, I guess the call-to-action today starts with me, getting off of this computer and going outside to take in the fresh air. I’ve also got a weekend full of unknowns ahead (as always), and I’m going to try my darnedest to keep the wrong drivers out of my seat.


As always with peace, love, & a kick in the butt,

Lizzie V.


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