Mastering My Labor’s Fruits

Why do I believe consulting others in their life’s work is part of my life’s purpose? Good question–long answer. My blog posts are starting to answer that question fully, but first I want to share how my company was started and where it’s headed. Please enjoy, and don’t be shy with your questions!

When I started Viera Consulting last year, I thought I had laid another egg that wouldn’t hatch. My prospects were looking bleak post-graduating, but I held fast to my faith in myself and my unique skills set. I was still catching my balance after graduating from MBA school at UL Lafayette when I chased down an opportunity to work on a project near to my heart, literally and figuratively. Without going into too much detail, I’ve known America’s food industry and resulting health landscape to be bleak for years now. There seemed no escaping the many, many issues plaguing the food and health economy here in the U.S. From over-processed foods to irresponsible waste and pollution practices, it can be discouraging to a young woman trying to sustain her life and her world. Then, I met Zack McMath.

Owner and founder of McMath Food Groups, Zack has big ideas about how to change our food sourcing. He started working on the Acadiana Food Hub after years of seeing processed foods stock shelves and vending machines (where they could be stocking fresh & local foods). The task was a daunting one, but he’s one of those “ground-breakers” with no fear of big projects. I met with him and his lovely partner, Cara, in a local cafe he co-founded, armed with my resume & my “you need me” pitch. I heard what they were up against, and before even graduating I committed my consulting services. Writing the business plan, applying for non-profit status, working financial proformas…it has been a whirlwind.

The lesson-learned has to do with trust in myself. Even armed with an MBA, I felt uneasy about working on a “real” project. I had to put faith in my abilities while accepting guidance and support from my loved ones. Now here we are, just a few short weeks from opening the doors of the Acadiana Food Hub. Since college, I’ve dreamed of being part of the team that supplied my beloved home town of Lafayette with freshly grown produce, all while educating the masses on how achievable a sustainable food economy can be. Thanks to the army of our supporters (read: mentors, consultants, etc.) Zack, Cara, and I get to work on supporting local farmers and food producers in Acadiana in every way, shape, and form we can manage.

Throughout this work, I shied away from the idea of me as a consultant. I felt unworthy, unqualified, and most of all I didn’t feel strong enough. Through some deep soul searching and ultimately a huge leap of faith, I’m ready to be there for you and your business. Tears well up as I write this for so many reasons…gratitude, joy, excitement, & awe. Most of all I’m moved by my own story, because I believe it can be your story too. We can all be ReDefynd! I offer my consulting services with one goal in mind: getting you there. Don’t worry about where you’re starting from. My toolbox of skills can work with anything. We’ll work on a weekly basis, at your own pace, to map out your success story. Step by step–because it’s my job to break it down for you. Contact me now to find out my rates & schedule your first step. Let’s get there together!


Always with peace, love, & a kick-in-the-butt,

Lizzie V.


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