Redefyning Success

Are you feeling less like a butterfly flying or a bee stinging, and more like the flower getting jipped of it’s precious pollen??

Let me be clear in my message about success: there are few, if any, definable points. The boundaries are blurred and the definitions are countless. This is GOOD news (or at least it was to me). A lifetime spent within the lines left me curled up in a box filled with worry and void of progress. I was scared to open it, afraid what I’d find outside wasn’t exactly right. Luckily, and with tons of work, I’m adopting a new definition…one that’s flexible, realistic, & matches my skill set. Changing my goal from “success” to “fulfillment” has opened my eyes to what everyone keeps talking about–the possibility of happiness.

There have been many mentors, books, blogs, and quotes that made a difference to my journey. It is worth sharing the books accessible to you — Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell, The ONE Thing by Gary Keller, The Urban Monk by Pedram Shojai, and Mastery by George Leonard. A lesser known but highly effective book by doctors James & Kathryn Elliot, Disarming Your Inner Critic, is great to start tearing down those walls of fear & hesitation.

Believe me, these were not read over-night. I will say, finding the time to enjoy reading again was a nice transition into a more fulfilling lifestyle. Taking other people’s “million dollar formulas” into account of my own life, though sometimes overwhelming, was practice in seeing the extent of my potential. Before we can get started crunching numbers & designing logos, we’ve got to get the basics of the beliefs/habits that shape our reality. Take some time & some deep breaths today to gain perspective on your routine. You might be surprised at what you see!


Always with peace, love, & a kick-in-the-butt,

Lizzie V.


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