Why Consulting Matters

Comb through the endless self-help books, and you might just find a reoccurring theme: GET A COACH. Success and fulfillment are rarely, if not ever, achieved alone. From athletes to graphic designers to engineers, everyone needs a coach, a mentor, or a whole team of support. The biggest and baddest teams have a whole line-up of coaches alone! Think of consulting as finding your assistant coach, who can get you ready for when your mentor arrives. We all start off as seeds, and consulting is the right mix of soil/sun/water to get you growing up, up, and up!

If you’re like me, the thought of finding a mentor makes your heart race and your confidence shrivel. “Why me? I have nothing to show a mentor, no real platform for them to bounce ideas off and on…when I’m more set in my goal, then I will find the perfect mentor.” YIKES. No wonder we so often fail to launch. Why not get the encouragement and guidance you need to start?

I’ve (luckily) been there for many of my friends, co-workers, and students when they were experiencing these fears & doubts. I’ve found my gift–to see another person’s potential in spite of their fears & redirect their thinking to allowing their gifts to flourish. “To flourish or bloom” is exactly the mission of the therapists James & Kathryn Elliot at Anthetic Therapy Center. In addition to “Disarming Your Inner Critic”, this therapeutic approach focuses on the blossoming of an individual’s potential. I certainly felt like a butterfly coming out of my cocoon after a year there, & I’ve never felt more prepared to get you growing out of yours!

All analogies aside, allow me to offer my services in consulting your idea for a business or product that will lead to the life of your dreams.


Always with peace, love, & a kick-in-the-butt,

Lizzie V.


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