3 Reminders to Increase Self Esteem

I’ve always felt like a caterpillar-turned-butterfly stuck in my cocoon. Now, some days I feel more like an armadillo stuck in a shell and playing dead, but that’s OK. Such is life…except when you’re looking for a life of fulfillment! Fully blossoming into yourself is a human right (and NEED if you ask me) that we can all achieve with a little help and perspective.

Here are the 3 things I’ve found to be the most helpful reminders that these chains are my own to loosen…

  1. We are never FULLY formed individuals, so stop feeling late to the party.
  2. The only way to make a difference is to share your own.
  3. You’ll still be you if the chains come off.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into each of these. Number 1 is meant to highlight the futility of looking around at your peers/idols thinking the ship of success sailed off with them on it. It’s actually the most successful people who truly understand and appreciate that as humans, we never stop growing. It’s so easy to get caught in the whirlpool of social media, where everyone’s success story is front page news, and you’re left wondering if that picture of your breakfast is going to impress anyone.

Number 2 was the hardest one for me to crack. I’ve spent countless hours reading and studying the expressions of those around me who seem to have it all. They share their personal story in a way that makes my chest tighten. Common setbacks: no one will like it, someone will judge it, and what I have to say doesn’t matter. As believable as these may be, we just have to tell that Inner Critic to SHOVE IT. The only only only way to feel like you have a place in this world is to share what makes your place special with others.

Lastly, Number 3. There are a lot of self-help books in my library that just down-right scared me! They made me feel like all of the habits that make up my life are in fact wrong. The only way to the life I wanted was to drop everything and everyone I hold dear, because they were the reasons I wasn’t happy. The natural reaction to this message is to run…particularly back to my old, comfy, destructive habits. I thought, if I really commit to what this author is saying, I’ll lose everything, and I will lose the “me” I’ve come to know.

This is a totally warped way of thinking to begin with. We are much more than these external things we cling to. More practically, it’s clear that my definitions of myself weren’t definitions at all, but rather observations of my surroundings. I’d attached so much of my worth to my external choices & environment that I forgot the reality of the situation. I’m the living breathing expression of the universe, and my surroundings are going to change forever and ever, amen. Letting go of the things and people in your life doesn’t mean removing them from your life, be-damned them all. It means accepting that the source of love in your life is within, and all the without is lagniappe (that little extra goodness).


Always with peace, love, and a kick-in-the-butt,

Lizzie V.


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